Janet Silverman is a New York based actor, writer, & producer. 

Many a'night she can be spotted around town performing, rehearsing, or seeing improv and sketch comedy.  She has studied such ventures at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Peoples Improv Theater, and the Magnet and hopes to someday prove to her parents that it's all been worth something.  Financially.  Specifically, worth something financially.  

Janet writes for UCB house sketch team Nipsey and her pilot, "Coupled," was a 2018 finalist in SeriesFest's "Storytellers Initiative" and a semi-finalist in Showtime's Tony Cox Episodic Screenplay (30 Min) Competition and Barnstorm Film+TV Script Fest. Janet was a finalist for the 2018 WB Writers’ Workshop and was most recently seen on stage in Urgent Care. She can be found in various videos floating around the interwebs for the rest of all time.